Go into the world and proclaim the Gospel to every creature. -Mc.6,15

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Missionary Helpers of the Holy Cross

We are the Missionary Helpers of the Holy Cross founded in Austria in 1973 according to the charism and spirituality of the Work of the Holy Angels under the guidance of our Spiritual mother - Gabriele Bitterlich.

We are living our consecration to the world by professing the Evangelical Counsels to be a testimony of grace in the society, having the mark of Christ. We are consecrated to the Holy Angels and live our charism and spirituality according to the Four Fundamental Directions: Adoration, Contemplation, Expiation and Mission.

We live here a community life with a social, pastoral or missionary apostolate.

Our mission is to build up a bridge between the people and the priest.

Our lives are involved by the conscience of the presence of GOD. A profound love to JESUS brings us to help others in a disinteresting way.

In a lively friendship with the Holy Angels, we see in the communion with JESUS in the Eucharist our strength.

Together and like the holy Angels we serve

Where do we serve Christ?




Social Project


Health and Care for the sick


Children and Youth Education


Lord, let us carry the light of Faith and the Cross of the mission in silence, listening and obedience, poor, pure and faithful. Lord, let us bring to You the harvest that You expect from us. Amen.

"Everyday GOD calls you. It is up to you to hear GOD`s call!" - Mother Gabriele

Contact us:

Missionary Helpers of the holy Cross R.José Fernandes, sn, Pq. Santa Clara, CEP: 12509-440 Guaratinguetá, São Paulo, Brazil

Tel: 0055-(12)3133-2903

email: paravida@cruzios.org (da comunidade)

santamariadosanjosbrasil@gmail.com (Obra)

or: Rua da Padroeira, 19 2495-418 Fatima Portugal