The Sisters of the Holy Cross originated from the spiritual movement of the Work of the Holy Angels which came into being in 1949 in Innsbruck, Austria. . .

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The Sisters of the Holy Cross originated from the spiritual movement of the Work of the Holy Angels which came into being in 1949 in Innsbruck, Austria.

In various countries small communities of Sisters were formed in order to live the evangelical counsels in the spirit of the Work of the Holy Angels. Their rule was written by Mother Gabriele Bitterlich and was approved by the Church. On November 9, 2002 our Community was erected by His Excellence, Archbishop Dr. Alois Kothgasser as an Institute of Consecrated Life in the Diocese of Innsbruck. We are aggregated to the Order of Canons Regular of the Holy Cross and with them we form one religious family of the same spirituality.

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Our community is founded for the adoration of GOD and as an aid for priests, especially those of our same religious family. We try to live this according to the fundamental directions of Adoration, of contemplation and of the realization of the Word of God in deed, of the following of the Cross in a spirit of expiation and of the mission to serve.

In this, Mary as Bride and Handmaid of the Lord is our model and also the holy Angels. The highlight of every day is the celebration of the Holy Eucharist, Eucharistic adoration, the Liturgy of the Hours prayed in common and the rosary.

As Sisters of the Holy Cross we acknowledge the mystery of the Cross as the way of our Redemption. Every week we remember the suffering and death of our Lord Jesus Christ (PASSIO DOMINI) in adoration and intercession for all men. Out of love and gratitude we wish to be near the Lord precisely in His hours of suffering. It is our special intention that in our lives the “beauty“ of the Cross and the joy of being redeemed radiate anew.

Sisters of the Holy Cross in the Philippines

In the Philippines, we live a life of Eucharistic adoration in reparation and for the support of our priests. We help the priests of our Order to promote the devotion to the holy Angels, especially Angelus Youth, and for the members ofthe Opus Angelorum.

We give also catechesis to children.

Our house is near the house of the Order of the Holy Cross, and we build one spiritual family.

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Formation in the Philippines

Our religious formation (aspirancy, postulancy and novitiate) are in St. Raphael's Priory, Candelaria, Zambales.

In the beautiful nature of Zambales, near the sea shore, we come closer to God and learn to deepen our spirituality.

Would you like to know more about our community?

Contact our e-mail address down here on the box.

Or call/text us at our cell phone number Sisters of the Holy Cross:

+63 919 415 9104

+63 928 591 1814
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Sisters of the Holy Cross

“He who speaks of the love of GOD cannot deny the Cross.”

Together with our holy Angels, we, Sisters of the holy Cross, learn daily from JESUS Crucified to live a life of great love. On the Cross, we find the answer for the deep desires of our heart.

We like to help young women to answer the questions of their lives so that, in a dialogue of prayer with God, they can open themselves to a great project of God as Mary of Nazareth did, when she admired the greater plan of God with her : "How is this possible?" (Lk 1, 34).

Your vocation is the providential thought of your Creator, it is His idea-plan, like a dream found in God's heart, because you are found in His heart.

God wants your life-plan to be different and specific, but mostly, He wants that you come close to JESUS!

And why not: to follow HIM more closely in the consecrated life!

To what does Jesus call you?

To follow Him so as to be and act like Him. More particularly, to live the same relationships that He has with the Father and with all people: to welcome life as a gift from the hands of the Father in order to "lose" and pour out again this gift on those to whom the Father has entrusted you.

This is the beauty of life of the Sister of the holy Cross:

she “pours out” her life like JESUS for others, especially for the priests.

For us Sisters, Mary is the image of the divine choice, which was made from eternity, and was totally free, mysterious and loving.

A choice that goes beyond what you can imagine for yourself:

JESUS asks you for the impossible and demands only one thing, the courage to trust GOD.


Our Contact

Sisters of the Holy Cross in the Opus Angelorum (SrOA)

St. Raphael’s Priory 2212 Candelaria, Zambales Philippines

+63 919 415 9104

+63 915 731 5938

+63 949 916 7040